Sponsorship for the Bitsplitting podcast is available for high-quality products and services.




  • Your marketing pitch for a product or service will be read on-air.
  • I will briefly discuss my impressions of the product in a conversational tone.
  • Your graphic ad and marketing statement will appear on the podcast home page while the episode is new, and on the episode page in perpetuity.

Is It Worth It?

The Bitsplitting podcast is geared toward the wider tech community consisting not only of software developers but of software industry managers, journalists, designers, marketers, etc. I have not precisely gauged the size and composition of my audience, but access log statistics suggest that as of May, 2013, the show’s podcast feed has approximately 5,000 unique subscribers.

The interview format for the show implies that episodes will continue to be downloaded and listened to after their debut date. This may offer additional value over the sponsorship proposition for more news-oriented podcasts.


Bitsplitting is a biweekly show, with episodes airing every other Friday. I can’t strictly guarantee the dates of sponsorships, because I may need to take a week off here or there. Let me know if you have a specific target date in mind, and I’ll see what I can do to accommodate you.

  • Episode #9. July 5: Booked.
  • Episode #10. July 19: Booked.
  • Episode #11. August 2: Available.
  • Episode #12. August 16: Available.

I’m Sold. What Now?

Please contact me directly to get the ball rolling. In your email, indicate the nature of the product or service that you would like me to promote, how many episodes you’d like to sponsor, and any scheduling priorities you’d like to meet.

Thank you for supporting the Bitsplitting podcast.