Episode 5: Brent Simmons

Daniel is joined by Brent Simmons, founder of Ranchero Software.

Brent is a long-time member of the independent Mac development community, serving as a role-model to many others, Daniel included. He is the original developer of both NetNewsWire and MarsEdit, and was one of the developers of Glassboard. Brent has recently returned to his indie roots, developing again under the Ranchero banner.

Additional links:

  • @brentsimmons – Brent’s Twitter account.
  • Inessential.com – Brent’s long-time personal weblog.
  • Identical Cousins – Brent’s software development podcast with Michael Simmons.
  • Newark, DE – Brent’s childhood home.
  • Free Range Kids – Hands-off parenting book and movement promoted by Lenore Skenazy.
  • Twilight of the Idols – Book by Friedrich Nietzsche featuring the quote: “Without music, life would be a mistake.”
  • Star Wars – The epic space adventure that captured Brent’s childhood fascination.
  • Evergreen State College – The so-called hippy college where Brent spent two years.
  • Seattle city community college – The school Brent attended after leaving Evergreen State.
  • The New City Collegian – Modern-times evolution of the college paper Brent once worked on.
  • Chinook’s restaurant – One of Brent’s busboy gigs as a younger man.
  • Think C – Brent’s first Mac programming IDE.
  • Mike Jittlov – Animator whose “Wizard of Speed and Time” movie somehow reminded me of Brent’s first company name “Worldwide Power and Light.”
  • WebStar – Mac-based HTTP server that Brent’s earliest commercial software ran on.
  • UserLand Software – Company founded by Dave Winer where Brent learned the ropes of professional programming.
  • Manton Reece – Long-time mac Developer and member of the UserLand community.
  • Dave Winer – Founder of UserLand and Brent’s software development mentor.
  • NetNewsWire – Brent’s first big indie success, the venerable RSS client for Mac OS X.
  • MarsEdit – Daniel’s first big indie success, built on the back of Brent’s original work.
  • Glassboard – The private social network for groups.
  • Letterpress – Popular iOS game by atebits.
  • International Herald Tribune – The global English-language paper that sustined Brent in France.
  • Reservoir Dogs – The Quentin Tarantino film Brent and Sheila saw in Grenoble.
  • Next Generation of Instapaper – Marco Arment on the news that he is selling a controlling interest in Instapaper.

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