Episode 10: Jason Snell

Daniel is joined by Jason Snell of IDG and The Incomparable podcast.

Jason is the Editorial Director at IDG, overseeing the publication of Macworld, PCWorld, and TechHive. He has previously served as the Editor in Chief for Macworld, and was a contributor to MacUser Magazine before it merged with Macworld. Jason is also a long-time fiction writer, and serves on the board of NaNoWriMo.

  • @jsnell – Jason’s Twitter account.
  • The Incomparable – Jason’s panel conversation podcast about various geeky topics.
  • Snell-o-vision – Jason’s personal blog.
  • InterText – Archives for Jason’s online fiction magazine 1991-2004.
  • Macworld – The popular Mac and iOS-oriented print and web publication.
  • The Magazine – The electronic magazine founded by Marco Arment and published by Glenn Fleishman.
  • How He Met My Mother – Jason’s article for The Magazine.
  • Chevy Corvair – The car that Jason’s mother and Daniel each owned at one time.
  • Columbia Union School District – Jason’s grade-school from Kindergarten through 8th grade.
  • West Coast Computer Faire – The San Francisco conference Jason attended as a child with Crispin and Chuck Holland.
  • UCSD Guardian – The newspaper Jason worked at as an undergraduate.
  • 209 BBS List – Historical list of BBSes in Jason’s 209 area code.
  • Revelle College – Jason’s school at UC San Diego.
  • Sonora Union Democrat – Jason’s home-town newspaper, where he worked for a summer after earning his B.A.
  • Mac Publishing, LLC – The joint-venture between IDG and Ziff-Davis that combined Macworld and MacUser.
  • NaNoWriMo – An organization for encouraging aspiring novelists to make progress towards that goal.
  • Chris Baty – The founder of NaNoWriMo.
  • No Plot? No Problem! – Chris Baty’s book of advice for aspiring novelists.
  • On Writing – Stephen King’s book of advice for writers.
  • App Camp For Girls – The non-profit dedicated to teaching girls to write iOS apps.
  • The Ihnatko Almanac – Andy Ihnatko’s podcast on the 5by5 network.

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