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Gus Mueller on Extra Intuition

Manton and I just published the second episode of our members-only Extra Intuition podcast: I Know it was 15 Years Ago. We’re joined by Gus Mueller of Flying Meat to chat about … whatever comes up! Many thanks to Gus for taking the time to do the show.

It’s fun to have a chance to deviate from the usual format of Core Intuition. In some ways it’s more relaxed, like the show was in the early days. We are looking forward to mixing it up with interviews and other conversations that we don’t think are as suitable to the main show.

Our first episode, We Did Meet in Person features our recollections of meeting each other and starting to podcast together.

Bitsplitting Podcast Hiatus

Earlier this year, I announced the Bitsplitting podcast, explaining that I hoped to establish a new kind of “tech podcast” that is more of the genre perfected by Terry Gross of NPR’s Fresh Air:

I’ll differentiate my show from some others by focusing more on the personal background of my guests, and on trying to discern a philosophical arc to their life and career choices.

Ten episodes later, I am proud to claim that I’ve achieved that. Thanks to an incredible list of thoughtful, well-spoken guests who agreed to join me on the show, I have something fabulous to show for the hard work that went into making this happen.

And now I need a break.

Planning, recording, editing, promoting, and funding the Bitsplitting podcast is both more difficult and more rewarding than I expected. I started off very anxious about the challenge of producing a show that meets my standards, and I have for better and for worse remained very anxious about many aspects of the show. Sticking to a schedule and pep-talking myself into believing that I am doing a good job (I do, most days!), is a lot more tiring, physically and emotionally, than I expected. Not to mention I have lots of other projects on my plate.

By taking a break and adopting an irregular “series” schedule for the show, where I am not committed to the never-ending pressure of pushing out the next show, I hope that it will give listeners a chance to catch up and enjoy the work that has been done, and give me a chance to think about how the show should evolve going forward.

Thank you very much to all the listeners and sponsors who supported the show from its infancy through its still-young, but gratifyingly successful state today.

Bitsplitting With Jason Snell

Episode #10 of the Bitsplitting podcast features my friend Jason Snell of IDG and The Incomparable podcast.

Jason’s role as editor of Macworld made him familiar to me as a Mac enthusiast and indie software developer. After I acquired MarsEdit in 2007, I had the opportunity to chat a bit with Jason about his own use of the app. Over the years since then, I’ve had the fortune to meet with Jason during WWDC and occasionally when he visits the Boston area for his work.

Thanks for joining me on Bitsplitting, Jason!

Bitsplitting With Marco Arment

Episode #8 of the Bitsplitting podcast features my friend Marco Arment. We got to know each other at first on a professional level when he was the lead developer at Tumblr. When I was working on initial Tumblr support for MarsEdit, Marco helped by adding a number of enhancements to the Tumblr API.

Since then Marco has left Tumblr, founded Instapaper, sold Instapaper, founded The Magazine, and sold The Magazine. That’s among other things, and not necessarily in that order. I’ve had the good fortune of getting to know Marco better as a friend and colleague as we each pursue our indie software development, blogging, and podcasting ambitions. Thanks for joining me on the show, Marco!

Bitsplitting With Buzz Andersen

I’ve just published Episode #7 of the Bitsplitting podcast, featuring my friend Buzz Andersen. Buzz and I got to know each other online after I somewhat embarrassingly called him out for, get this, declining to participate in the Cocoa Radio interview podcast.

In the intervening years we have gotten to know each other better through our frequent run-ins at WWDC, and from, for a short while, both living the New York City area. In chatting with Buzz I learned more about his childhood growing up in Denver, the things he values in cooking and mixology, and many other nuanced aspects of Buzz’s approach to life and work. Thanks for coming on the show, Buzz!

Bitsplitting With Amanda Wixted

The latest podcast episode is live, featuring Amanda Wixted of Zynga and Namco fame. I met Amanda several years ago at (I believe) the second C4 conference in Chicago. Since then I have had the opportunity to run into her at various conferences, and was honored to have her join me in New York for the iOS Radio Hour, along with Buzz Andersen and Marco Arment.

I was surprised to learn that Amanda grew up primarily in Europe and the Middle East, and yet she wound up attending High School in Pebble Beach, California, near my home town of Santa Cruz. I hope you enjoy learning more about her story and the path that led her to a career as a professional mobile game developer. Thanks for joining me on the show, Amanda!

Bitsplitting With Brent Simmons

Episode 5 of the Bitsplitting Podcast is up, featuring my friend Brent Simmons of NetNewsWire, MarsEdit, and Glassboard fame.

After getting to know Brent a bit online through the developer community, I finally got the chance several years ago to meet him in person at the very first C4 conference. It was only a short time after meeting that he approached me about acquiring MarsEdit. The rest, as they say, is history. I now have the pleasure of seeing Brent once or twice a year. I always have a blast chatting, laughing, and sometimes singing with him.

It was a great time talking with Brent about his upbringing in the greater Philadelphia area, his frustrated attempts to finish college, and the circuitous path that led him to starting his own software company. Thanks for joining me on the show, Brent!

Bitsplitting With Erika Hall

I’m pleased to announced that the second episode of the Bitsplitting Podcast is now available, featuring my friend Erika Hall of the Mule Design Studio.

It was a lot of fun talking with Erika. Easily the greatest challenge so far in recording this podcast is trying to keep the length of shows around the 1-hour mark instead of talking for four hours as I’d be inclined to do.

I hope you enjoy the interview!

The Bitsplitting Podcast

I’m excited to announce that the previously hinted Bitsplitting Podcast is now live. The first episode features Guy English of Çingleton and Aged & Distilled fame.

The show will come out on a biweekly schedule, so in general you can expect a new episode “every other Friday” from here on out.

New episodes will always appear on the podcast’s home page, but I encourage you to subscribe via iTunes, or through another app using the podcast-specific RSS feed.

I hope you enjoy the show.