Blockpass For Dummies

After I wrote recently about my tool for preventing accidental typing of my password into plain text fields, I received a large number of requests asking if I would open source the tool. I generally hesitate to open source my private tools, because I throw them together with understandably lower standards than the code that I ship to users, and because I often rely upon my accumulated convenience classes and frameworks to get the job done expeditiously.

But for some reason I’m deciding to share Blockpass on GitHub. I had to do some work to make using and running it a little more bulletproof. Rather than rewrite keychain access to avoid using my private “RSKeychain” class, I decided to just include that.

Details about how to configure and install the tool are detailed in the Readme file on the GitHub project page. You probably should not pursue the project unless you are comfortable using Xcode and building projects from scratch. I may consider building a standalone version of the tool someday, but today is not that day.

If you have any specific questions or feedback, feel free to open an issue on the project or drop me a line on Twitter.