Assembled In USA

Apple has reportedly begun promoting the new Mac Pro, of all products, in US movie theaters. John Gruber linked to the story, commenting on the apparent disparity between mass movie-going audiences and a pro-market computer:

Impressive marketing move for a product that is by all means truly “pro”.

One objective of the teaser is to remind everyday American movie-goers that Apple continues to innovate in computer hardware. The teaser emphasizes Apple’s ability to design beautiful hardware and to push the envelope of how a computer looks and feels. It serves to remind the public that Apple is both capable and cool.

But I expect the other goal with this spot is to appeal to American pride. Why promote an expensive, niche-market computer like the Mac Pro to everyday Joes and Janes across the country? Because on top of being an innovative, beautiful, envelope-pushing piece of hardware, it will be made right here in the USA.

I haven’t seen a verbatim copy of the trailer as shown in theaters. Apparently it ends with a headline indicating the Mac Pro will be available “Fall 2013.” I will be surprised if it doesn’t also subtly allude to its American manufacture. A small percentage of folks who see the ad will leave the theater committed to purchasing a Mac Pro this Fall. A far greater percentage will leave the theater convinced that the Chinese-manufactured iPhone or iPad they’re considering for Christmas is part of a great American tradition. And they’ll be right.

Update: Reports from folks on Twitter indicate that the movie-trailer features no such mention of the Mac Pro’s US assembly. That strikes me as a shame and a missed opportunity particularly considered the hyper-focused US market for the ads. Another compelling theory from Drew Pickard suggests that running ads for the Mac Pro in movie theaters is a good way to make sure every movie-making professional is aware of the computer, and will consider purchasing them for their production teams.