Bitsplitting Podcast Hiatus

Earlier this year, I announced the Bitsplitting podcast, explaining that I hoped to establish a new kind of “tech podcast” that is more of the genre perfected by Terry Gross of NPR’s Fresh Air:

I’ll differentiate my show from some others by focusing more on the personal background of my guests, and on trying to discern a philosophical arc to their life and career choices.

Ten episodes later, I am proud to claim that I’ve achieved that. Thanks to an incredible list of thoughtful, well-spoken guests who agreed to join me on the show, I have something fabulous to show for the hard work that went into making this happen.

And now I need a break.

Planning, recording, editing, promoting, and funding the Bitsplitting podcast is both more difficult and more rewarding than I expected. I started off very anxious about the challenge of producing a show that meets my standards, and I have for better and for worse remained very anxious about many aspects of the show. Sticking to a schedule and pep-talking myself into believing that I am doing a good job (I do, most days!), is a lot more tiring, physically and emotionally, than I expected. Not to mention I have lots of other projects on my plate.

By taking a break and adopting an irregular “series” schedule for the show, where I am not committed to the never-ending pressure of pushing out the next show, I hope that it will give listeners a chance to catch up and enjoy the work that has been done, and give me a chance to think about how the show should evolve going forward.

Thank you very much to all the listeners and sponsors who supported the show from its infancy through its still-young, but gratifyingly successful state today.