Color Inside The Lines

Twitter is buzzing with rumors that Apple is on the verge of acquiring Color Labs, the company that famously raised $40 Million in venture capital before failing to produce anything that resonated with a large number of customers.

The article on The Next Web alludes to the possibility of there being some patent value in Color’s holdings. Interestingly enough, Color has apparently only recently published several patent applications related to sharing of information among “device groups.” The applications listed are all published within the past month and a half, and all feature iPhone-like art in the supporting illustrations.

I haven’t taken the time to dig through the content of these patent filings but the the fact that they are based specifically in sharing of content among iPhone-like devices, and that they were filed within the past few weeks, lends credibility to the separate speculation by The Next Web that Color’s founder Bill Nguyen has been specifically angling for an acquisition by Apple. “See these pretty iPhone patents? They could be yours!”